Michelle Murphy

Graduate Students

I have the pleasure of working with amazing graduate students at the University of Toronto and through STS at York.

Current PHD Supervisions

Justin Douglas (History) ” The History of the Credit Card”

Kira Lussier (IHPST) “Motivating the Self:  A History of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Personality Testing.” (co-supervised with Elspeth Brown)

Brianna Hersey (WGSI) TBA (co-supervised with Dina Georgis)

Andrea Derbecker (WGSI) TBA (co-supervised with Eve Tuck)

 Other PhD students I am working with:

Emily Simmonds (STS)

Kelly Ladd (STS)

Bretton Fosbrook (STS)

Kristen Bos (Anthropology)

Navreet Naval (Anthropology)

Sophia Jaworski (Anthropology)

Navreet Nahal (Anthropology)

Anwesha Ghosh (History)

Parnisha Sarkar (History)

Leila Pourtavaf (History)

Alex Maris (Physical Education)

Graduated PhDs

Nicole Charles (WGSI)  is Assistant Professor of Feminist Studies in Culture and Media at the University of Toronto, Mississauga.  Her dissertation is titled.”Suspicion: Rethinking HPV Vaccine Hesitancy in Barbados” (co-supervised with Alissa Trotz).

Sarah Tracy (History) Metabolizing MSG:  Taste, Value, and Increase with Monosodium Glutamate. This project  considers  (MSG) as a transnational biotechnology phenomenon, a global food additive and alleged toxin. The project investigates MSG as a commodity and technology that reconfigures the metabolic possibilities of living things—in this case, by making food taste better. Sarah is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Society and Genetics at UCLA.

Sebastián Gil-Riaño (IHPST) is  Assistant Professor of History of Science at the University of Pennsylvania and was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Race and Ethnicity in the Global South project, headed by Warwick Anderson, at the University of Sydney.  His dissertation is  The Rise of Scientifc Antiracism: A Historical Epistemology of UNESCO’s Campaigns Against Racism, 1945-1978.

Carla Hustak (History) Radical Intimacies: Affective Potential and the Politics of Love in the Transatlantic Sex Reform Movement, 1900-1930. Carla was a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the  University of Illinois, and alumni of the Technoscience Research Unit.

Brian Beaton (History) Everyday Data.Brian is currently an Assistant Professor in History at Calpoly and Director of the Center for Expressive Technologies.

Mike Pettit (History) is Associate Professor in STS and the Department of Psychology at York University.

Nick Matte (History) Historicizing Liberal American Transnormativities.  Nick teaches Introduction to Trans Studies in the Sexual Diversity Studies program at U of T. Prof. Elspeth Brown was his supervisor.


Current MAs

Tajdeep Brar (History)

Past MAs

Christopher Thomas (History) “No More Hassles, Please : Fashioning local biopolitics and the first twenty years of Toronto’s Hassle Free Clinic”

Teekah, Alyssa, “Soundscapes as Queer Scandalmaking: Tuning into a POC Politics of Temporality in the Music of Flying Lotus and Tokimonsta.”

Hoshi, Naoko, “Reconsidering Veganism as Transnational Feminist Praxis: ‘Negative’ Affects, Unruly Bodies, and the Politics of ‘Eating Well.’”

Arkles, Jillian, “Situating Surrogacy Services: Reproducing Global Capitalism and Neoliberal Biopolitics.”

Alhomoud, Hiba, “Posthumanism, Meet Feminism; Feminism, Meet Posthumanism: Toward an Ethical Relationality.”

Fuchs, Sarah, “Affects in Praxis: Teaching Assistants, Feminism, and Emotion.”

Bhanji, Nael, “Trans/sciptions: Home, Transsexual Citizenship and Racialized Bodies.”

Greensmith, Cameron, “A 2-Spirit Critique of Pride Toronto: Finding the space for recognition.”